Steel investment casting solutions in China

We are a leading manufacturer of precision casting used in critical applications from Aerospace and Electricity generation to Pharmaceutical and military markets. In good cooperation with you as our client, we would be happy to to act as a development partner, sharing our considerations and notions around product scheme, matter choice, sizes or machining.

Our product range comprises communication machinery parts, automated elements, fitness equipment,valves, kitchen machines, auto parts, train rail parts, military products and generator elements, medical equipment items. We use advanced machinery and singular procedure capabilities to accommodate our users small, sophisticate casting choices. Unlike other casting procedure, investment casting produces net shape items with great surface finish and dimensional accuracy. This manufacturing process is ideal for applications that have nearly low productivity quantities ( 100 to 1000 parts ) or rapidly changing commodity templates. When cast in emptiness, super alloys are also available. Our efficient processes assures energy consumption is optimized during process. Precision castings are known as the highest quality castings accessible on the market. Some models of commodities produced by cast dream are : synchronous transmissions for hydraulic structures and grid plates for filter tools. .